6. Pointless WIP post


I have just over 4" of the leg done on my Primavera socks that I cast on Monday night.  I'm frogging it all tonight.  Typically I go directly to my size 0 circs but I think the Trekking and the pattern are gonna have me bump it up to a size 1.  It's a pretty quick, mindless knit, so it shouldn't take me long to get back to this point.  Theoretically.

Thanks for all of your notes of support and sympathy yesterday.  Basically the doctors have said that chemo and radiation would be expensive and pointless, but there will be more conversations with an oncologist once they get her off the painkillers (she's crazy out of it right now).

Although it's virtually impossible to see the bright side to anything right now, this tree in my backyard can't be denied:



2 thoughts on “6. Pointless WIP post

  1. Kim says:

    That you can see that tree is a good sign. Hang on.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Hugs! Hugs! Hugs!!

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