8. Seen on a walk

ObamaA little blurry but I spotted this in someone's side yard the other night.  Apparently until Tuesday, there were also McCain and Palin figures, but I missed them.

Last night I went to my friend Joan's for a jewelry party.  I spent more than I meant to but it was so shiny!  Not to mention the fact that I meant to look for items for Christmas presents and failed miserably.  Looks like I'm off to the malls, once again.

I have done a whole boatload of nothing today.  I watched a little college football (GO BUCKS!), the Sean Connery/James Bond marathon on Spike, and otherwise been a bump on a log.

I've gotten some knitting done today on one of the cowls, but I won't be able to snap any pics until tomorrow, provided the sun desides to show its sunny face.  Phoenix isn't until 3:00, so I should be able to accomplish something before my next veg-out session.


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