25. A is for Aphasia

Let's face it folks – it really sucks when your ma can't tell the nurses her first name.  It's disconcerting and uncomfortable and generally icky.  There's another infection afoot so we're back to the stylish blue gloves, although we don't have to wear the stylish gowns any longer.  She had an MRI this morning so we can see what we're dealing with  Let's hope we have something to be thankful for come Thursday.

BTW, there will be typs in this post.  You try typing in snazzy blue plastic gloves.

So, having swung by the YarnBarn yesterday, I'm up to having FOUR WIPs with me for the five days I'm here: Psycho, Misti Jaywalkers, the 2nd spring sock and a hat for Papa Knascar.  I should probably shelve them all and race to finish PK's hat before I leave, but we'll see.  You know how much I hate dealing with dpns.  Anyway, I'll try to take pictures and post them tomorrow – I can use the hospital wi-fi in her hospital room so at least there's that.  [I'm digging deep for that silver lining, no?]


3 thoughts on “25. A is for Aphasia

  1. Kim says:

    Keep diggin’, kiddo. . .

  2. Mia says:

    Hugs!!! It is frustrating when she can’t remember that she does know you are there. treasure every minute you can with her.

  3. mai says:

    i hope the results from the MRI are promising. is she sedated?

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