29. Productive? Moi?

Yeah, not a lick.  Well, okay, maybe one lick.  I managed to throw in two loads of laundry and take my suitcase back downstairs but that's about it.  Nary a stitch has been knit, nor a bed made.  I think I'm okay with it for the most part.  I've watched movies (e.g. Annie, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back) and caught up with old friends residing in snowy Colorado, but that's about it.  I'll try to make up something scintillating for tomorrow.  For now, maybe I'll make my bed so I dont have to worry about impaling myself on a knitting needle in my sleep.  Not that I've ever done that.  Recently.    


2 thoughts on “29. Productive? Moi?

  1. mai says:

    this is the time to relax and do NOTHING! enjoy it 🙂

  2. Stick says:

    clean your room!

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