A is for…



For 17 days in September (as opposed to 7 Days in May), Holly and I roamed eastern Australia.  I climbed the bridge in Sydney, she fed kangaroos (well, one greedy sucker) in Adelaide and we both cursed the rain in Hobart.  We ate unbelievable seafood and dipped our toes in the chilly South Pacific.  I have a few regrets about this trip, among them that I was too busy after a day of sightseeing to go play with fellow runners in north Sydney one chilly evening.  Some day I'll learn to travel without being a slave to guide books and bus tours (but I really like them!).

I don't have any plans for international travel in 2009.  I figure most of my flights are going to be back and forth to Columbus (or Dayton) to check on Ma & Pa Knascar, with the odd trip further afield to visit friends.  Colorado is definitely on the list for a Labor Day getaway & I'm planning a jaunt to the Pacific Northwest, now that Seattle finally has an MLS team.  Oh, and Austin for the spring race if I'm lucky.  Ahem.  Anyone know of a sugar daddy accepting applications?


2 thoughts on “A is for…

  1. mai says:

    if you find a sugar daddy, let me know…maybe he has a brother for me! 🙂

  2. Stick says:

    Hey! I just realized your comment on Colorado was for InterAm. I didn’t realize they’d won it. This might just be StickSpeak, but I’ll put that one on my calendar this year and see if I won’t really go. I like hotel events!!

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