Road Trip

Holly and I piled into her car this morning and headed north for a little wintry fun.

Misc 032

After getting on the road around 9:30, we headed north to PA and ended up at Whitetail.    The drive wasn't bad – about an hour and a half – so we got to the resort a little before noon.  We bought lift tickets, went and grabbed some hot chocolate then headed back to the hill.

Misc 027

My self-portrait skills failed me – I couldn't manage to get my styling bunny ears into the picture, but what's a gal to do.  Here we are waiting for the shuttle to take us to the hill for our first run. 

We ran up and down the hill for two hours and managed to avoid any major (or minor) injuries, both to ourselves and to the teenagers running amok.  There was much giggling which was the perfect way to spend our Presidents' Day, though I'm not sure that's what Washington & Lincoln had in mind.

Before H trusted me when I told her to go down on her belly.

The view from in line (the moving walkway was treacherous!)


2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Looks like soooooo much fun!!

  2. Kim says:

    “Stylin’ bunny ears” — you go, girl!
    And a rain-shortened 500? What is up with that?

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