You spin me right round, baby…

How I watched the Gatorade Duels at work last week.  Fun with technology!

The 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup season kicked off last Sunday with the 51st (?) running of the Daytona 500.   After a slightly-more-than-two-month-long off-season, I was more than happy to watch cars drive in circles at 190 mph.  Between an ill-timed caution flag and a rain-shortened race, Chimmie finished 30th while my friend Rebecca's driver took the checkered flag.  Better luck in Cali, boys.

As my geeky little NASCAR-lovin' heart was goin' pitter-pat, I didn't get a great deal of knitting done while watching the race. 


I had originally used this yarn to cast on for Francis, Revisted but decided I didn't like it, so I ripped it and now I'm using the Brooks Farm for its originally-intended project.  I worked on it during the drive up to Whitetail, but since I'm the World's Slowest Knitter (trademark pending…okay, not really), I only have about 3-4" done.  Of course, I just remembered that there was errata for this particular sweater, so there may be a trip to the frog pond in my future.  We'll see.

Does anyone watch Leverage?  LOVE. IT. 

Oh, and I finally cast on the dreaded second Boyfriend sock.  Still love the yarn and all, just so hard to muddle through those pesky second socks.


Only 932 rows to go!

2 thoughts on “You spin me right round, baby…

  1. Kim says:

    LOVIN’ the technology! Do the animated cars come with little animated drivers?

  2. Mia says:

    I missed you when I went to KH. Sometimes knitting just doesn’t want you to knit.

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