Styrofoam Peanuts

That's about what this post amounts to – sheer filler.  Well, that's not entirely true, but that's what it feels like.  There's a lot brewing in my noggin that I haven't figured out how or if I want to write it all out, so for now, you get peanuts.


After frogging an attempted cowl and struggling with a knot (or twenty) that stunned Knit Happens into quasi-silence and shared misery, I cast on for the Amanda hat over the weekend.  Haven't made a great deal of progress – as usual – because it's not like I possess anything vaguely resembling project fidelity.

Insert the brazen hussy that has come between us:


There is simply no good way to photograph stockinette in the round…

While technically I was working on Hourglass (RavLink) first, I did put Amanda back down to knit round and round.   Now that we're back in the NASCAR swing of things, blindly circuitous stockinette seems the way to go, at least for four hours on any given Sunday.


For those of you who don't give a horse's patoot, I'll resign my NASCAR updates back to this here little box for the duration. Unless I get really excited about something, then you're on your own.  After qualifying on the outside pole and winning both practices, I'll have to call a 9th place finish a little disappointing.  I'm always satisfied with a top-10 finish, but Chimmie dominated the beginning of the race and then the car just fell off and they could never get it where they needed it in order to go forward.  Here's hoping this year's Vegas race is FAAAAAAAR superior to the Spring '08 debacle.


One thought on “Styrofoam Peanuts

  1. Kim says:

    I get it — circuitous, NASCAR. . . Nice!
    Hugh did seem a little discomfitted Sunday. But, has “Gentleman, Start Your Engines” ever sounded less like a command and more like a request? Ahhhh, the English.

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