Keep on keepin’ on

Had a bit of an unscheduled three-day weekend last week.   After feeling like death all night Thursday, I called off sick Friday and let my system recover.  I did FINALLY get the heel turned on my second Boyfriend sock.  I don't know why I have such a mental block about turning heels, but I do.


I have two doctors appointments this week which will require some travel and waiting room time, so I should be able to knock out a few more repeats before this weekend. 

After relaxing and getting back to "normal" on Friday, I decided to head to Alexandria for their annual St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday morning.  Of course, first H & I dutifully headed to Murphy's to help hold seats for folks who would be along a little later.  My afternoon was spent between the bar and the parade (which, truthfully, was right outside the door), but it was an excuse to be outside and enjoy the weather.


Pipers  Kilts


The rest of my weekend consisted of much to write home (or blog!) about, but I wish I could make it sound more exciting for your sake.  A little knitting, a LOT of frogging (bye-bye Hourglass!) and the requisite amount of gym attendance.  Yes, it's true.  Ever since the dietitian laid down the law, I've been exercising.  Nothing crazy – just 30 minutes of activity daily, but it's far better than what I've been doing.  My gym doesn't know what to make of it; frankly I think they miss getting paid monthly for absolutely no reason.  I know that's a gig I wouldn't mind having.

One thought on “Keep on keepin’ on

  1. Mel says:

    Wow, the last time I was at the parade, it was FREEEEEZING! Glad it was a nice day for your outing. and Yay gym! You’re getting there more than I am this month!

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