Feeling v. Knowing

I've been dragging my heels about posting this week.  A lot of it had to do with being disappointed about my three-pound weight gain last week, not to mention not having anything to show for my knitting time.  Whereas I think there's a time and a place for a good whiny blog post from time to time, I knew that any post I wrote was going to be crabby so I just put it off until I could disguise it with race updates and actual knitting that wasn't seconds away from being frogged.

Bf sock2

Yes, the 2nd Boyfriend sock looks almost exactly the same as the last time I photographed it, but I swear, I've knit at least TWO more rows!  I know, it boggles the mind.  Someone call the world record folks; I could be onto something!

Oh, delivery from Just My Size – w'hoo!  Workout clothes!  Meh.

Intellectually, I know that last week's weight gain, while disappointing isn't the end of the world.  Nor is it particularly indicative of my progress.  I'm sure the steak and burger I had while I was in Columbus weren't the best of decisions, and perhaps reflected a little poorly on the scale.  Then there's the change in medication which may or may not be having an impact.  Even with all of those things, I know that overall I'm eating healthier and taking better care of myself by exercising almost every day.

However,  what I feel tends to be  more along the lines of disappointment, disgust, discouragement – all those good dis-es. 

  • "I'm only three weeks in and I'm already gaining back weight?  That doesn't bode well for the future!  Why bother?"
  •  "I completely fell apart when I went to Columbus for the weekend. What's going to happen during the minimum of seven weekends that I'm away over the summer?  Especially the streak where I'm gone for four weekends within a month and a half?"
  • Okay, I can't think of a third bullet, but still…!

So now it's been six days and I'm 'scheduled' to hop on the scale again tomorrow morning.  I'm debating skipping all future weigh ins until my next dietitian appointment.  I'm definitely one of those people who shouldn't (and doesn't) get on the scale every day, but I'm wondering if weekly even isn't making me too neurotic.  I can't really work much harder than I already am (ok, I could've skipped the link and a half of sausage at brunch) and if it's just going to disappoint and depress me, should I just dodge it all together?


In other blurry photo news, I've finally managed to cast on the correct number of stitches for Camellia and am into the waist shaping.  It's terribly unexciting stockinette right now, but it's progressing.  We won't discuss the 4 days of casting on, frogging, casting on, cursing, frogging, etc.  It's in the past.

Speaking of blurry photos, I was initially supposed to start my county-offered Intro to Digital Photography class this evening, but they pushed the start time back two weeks.  I'm never happy with any of my photographs and I finally decided that, rather continuing to spend money on better equipment (and having the same crummy results), maybe I should go have someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. 

This is already far too long.  You can skip tomorrow's post – that's where I'll be updating Chimmie's 2009 progress.


One thought on “Feeling v. Knowing

  1. mai says:

    i’m really not a fan of regular weigh-ins. i think that how you feel, how clothes fit, and inches lost are much more indicative of your progress. the number you see on a scale fluctuates day-to-day and hour-to-hour, and if you’re working out, you are probably gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat. perhaps you should start taking measurements (waist, arm, hips, thighs, etc) instead? you’re doing great – don’t get discouraged! it’s not an easy progress, but you’re putting in the effort, and it will pay off. good luck and keep it up!

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