‘Tis the Season

Tourist season, that is (although honestly, when is it not?)


The forecast for today calls for rain, so I headed to the Tidal Basin to snap some pictures of the fragile cherry blossoms before they all disappeared on me.   Since it was getting a little breezy and late in the day, it wasn't quite as overrun as it would've been on many other days.


I really hope my photography class – which starts next week – will help me improve upon my picture taking.    My dad and I were laughing about it the last time I was home and decided that my biggest problem is my complete and total lack of patience.  I just want to be able to show up, remove the lens cap and take the perfect photo.  Apparently that's not how art works.


One of my bestest friends, Steph, is going to fly up to Portland to hang out with me for a long weekend when I head west in mid-June.  Since we're both working to drop a few pounds, we decided that we would aim to lose at least 15 pounds over the next 10 weeks.  If we succeed, we get to treat ourselves to something fun while we're galavanting around PDX.  Um, so, does anyone know of a good way to treat ourselves to something fun in PDX?


One thought on “‘Tis the Season

  1. ann says:

    You should ping Carolina for PDX ideas. I know there is a wool festival around those parts sometime in June… would that be a good reward?
    Pretty pictures!

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