My Life in Thirds

The rule of thirds is a photography concept that I frequently ignore the heck out of unless I'm actively thinking about it.  Let's see if I can actively apply it to blogging.

1.  Photography class  I'm still really enjoying it so far.  My enviable inferiority complex kicked in big time last week when everyone was showing their pictures for Show and Tell and it was all of this "This is the shot I took at sunrise over Mt. Kilimanjaro and this one is of my safari" or something else cool and exotic and then I had to be all "Um, this was a pelican at the zoo."  By and large, I think they were fairly well received though, so I guess I just have to go with that.

I went to Saturday morning's class because I thought I was gonna miss tonight's for a free screening of the new Star Trek movie (yes, I'm a nerd – deal), but it fell through, so I'm going to do double-duty this week.  We went outside to play with ISO and snap a few pictures.  Fortunately, we came across a willing model:


His owner saw us all trying to sneak pictures of this adorable pup and eventually brought him over and let us snap away for a few minutes.  Thanks, anonymous Bernese Mountain Puppy owner!

Model5   Model6 

2.  I've completely forgotten what #2 was going to be.  Lost in the glow of puppy adorableness.  LOOK AT HIM!!!  Oh, right, sports.

DC United dug out an UGLY tie against the Revs Friday night.   Benny's hustle in extra time made the difference between one point and squat.  The offense continues to be a little on the anemic side.  Six goals in five games?  Definitely room for improvement.  Here's hoping they find their way to goal in NY this weekend.  I'm skipping out on this particular roadtrip.  Between Seattle in June and my hoped-for trip to Toronto in August, I think that'll cover my DCU travel requirements for the year.  


Jimmie did his best to overcome abysmal pit stops in Phoenix but could only fight his way back to fourth place in the end.  I don't know what was going on on pit road – I know it's dark and all, but COME ON!  Hopefully the team can brush it off and come back strong at 'dega this weekend.   Last, but not least, the Caps decided to play a little hockey last night and shut out the Rangers in game 3, 4-0.   Game 4 is tomorrow night, but I'll be at RFK watching United's Open Cup match v. Dallas.

3. Miscellany So, after dogsitting the Insane Boxer Posse, I came home and promptly tripped over air and I think I broke my toe.  Initially I just thought I stubbed it, but it's two days later and I'm still hobbling around.  So tomorrow morning, it's off to the doctor's office.  I also have an appointment with a cardiologist to see what these pesky chest pains are all about so it's just going to be a day of fun fun fun!  Unfortunately, what this means is that I haven't been to the gym in four or five days, and when that happens, the good food trends falls off, too.  Must get it together.  Soon.


3 thoughts on “My Life in Thirds

  1. Jenn says:

    OMG I would have jammed that puppy in my bag and run like hell.
    My, you are going to have a fun day tomorrow, aren’t you? Good luck!

  2. mai says:

    i hope your toe isn’t broken! OUCH!
    i really want to take a photography class, too. but people who bring in pictures of exotic places make me angry because i know they’re only trying to make me jealous 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Who needs good food when you encounter a face like that Bernese’s??
    So sorry about your tow — nothing that can be done for a break there, is there?
    Sorry, too, about Chimmie, but, c’mon, you have to be happy for Mark Martin.

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