Thank you, Tivo

I had photography class tonight, so I wasn't able to watch the Caps Game 7 live.  Currently, I have seven minutes left in the 3rd period and if I was a nailbiter, I'd be a'nibblin'.

We had a field trip tonight in class, up to the Washington Monument.  Fun with flags and shutter speeds.  I love this photo because of the sky more than anything the flags are doing.


It was definitely an interesting class and I think I figured out some stuff about night photography but I just wish there was a good way to take pictures without dealing with a tripod.  Who wants to deal with hauling that thing around all the time?  Yech.

We have another assignment due next week, but I have no idea when I'm going to get it done.  I'm certainly not even going to pretend to do it this weekend on the camping trip.  Maybe I'll try to go out during lunch and see what I can get.

Flags 336

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