North by Northwest

Actually, it was just pretty much Northwest.  I keep trying to come up with the clever words to describe my vacation in such a way that it would sound like I went on this totally exciting and exotic trip.  I didn't.  What I did do was spend 11 days with good friends, eating delicious food, buying yummy yarn and sampling tasty local brews.

Tacoma  was pretty tame.  I mostly hung out with my friends Christopher and Sandra and their two urchins, ages 3.5 and 7.  I am SO not used to the little people and they plain ol' wore me out.   I don't know how they do it.  Never mind the fact that the older boy is already smarter than I am (not that that's saying much). 

I did get some touristy side trips in, when the kids let me stop playing for a while.  There were a couple of soccer games – the Sounders v. San Jose Earthquakes the 13th and DCU the 17th. 


My trip around Tacoma yielded some photos near the Museum of Glass – no photos allowed inside.  😦



Hot Shop at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma

I did hop a couple of days and played tourist in Seattle for a few hours.

Space Needle & Olympic Iliad  Manny's Pale Ale
Space Needle.  Beer.

Peppers at Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market


I went on the Underground Tour in Seattle, which takes you down to what was once the ground-level rooms in several buildings in downtown, before they filled in the streets and built them up, up to 20'.  It was a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon, but then it was time to go grab a pint and head to the DCU game.

There was a yarn store run in Seattle but I can't seem to get good pictures of the yarn I picked up at So Much Yarn.  I'll try again during daylight tomorrow. 


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