Here Comes the Rain Again

Last night was our last shoot of this particular photography class.  While there are still two more classroom sessions, I don't think I've enjoyed this session quite as much as the first.  I still like the teacher and have enjoyed getting to know a couple of classmates better, but I'm just not loving this session quite as much.

Shooting at the Tidal Basin

As opposed to last week's shoot when the weather was gorgeous, this week was a complete train wreck.  It rained pretty much non-stop during the first hour of class, which we spent huddled either under trees or inside the bookstore/info center near the FDR Memorial.  After the skies dried up a little we headed back out to snap some more pics.

Faces in the crowd

We didn't learn anything terribly new and exciting on this shoot.  Our assignment was just to play with our tripods and cameras and try to get interesting pictures – ones our classmates wouldn't get.  I didn't exactly succeed but I did what I could.  Of course, it didn't help that the Tripod Commandos were on our case again.  Can't they just post a website and indicate where the use of tripods is not permitted so I stop hauling mine all over town?  Seriously! 

For those of you keeping track, that's no tripods* on:

  • the Capitol Grounds -which extend to who-knows-where because they certainly couldn't tell us when we asked
  • the Washington Monument grounds inside the flagpoles – the grass outside the flagpoles is fine apparently; and
  • FDR – although apparently okay on the Tidal Basin

Fala would not approve



* Apparently monopods are okay


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