Stumptown, Part Deux

[Note: the problem with waiting a month to write a blog entry is that you forget EVERYTHING that happened.  Now.  Where was I?]

Saturday dawned cloudy, but rain-free, so we headed back to NW Portland for a little brunch at Fuller’s Coffee Shop (on NW 9th Ave).  The blueberry pancakes looked fantastic, but I’d been craving a waffle for days, and I gotta say, that wasn’t too shabby either.  After we’d built up our energy stores, we took a stroll through Chinatown/Japantown and ended up at the Saturday Market.  I’d say half the market is the same stuff you can buy at any market, anywhere, but once you crossed First Street, it was a whole other story.  Local artisans, crafts and food stuffs galore.  Steph picked up some treats for her pup, I bought a ring (nothing like souvenir jewelry) and then we split a combo plate from the Taste of Poland food cart.  The sausage was so-so and the potatoes tasty, but the pierogies were fantastic.  We picked up a couple of delicious sweet potato cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting from Ja’Das Desserts for later.  I have no idea what we did for the rest of the day, but we headed to Mamma Mia’s for dinner.   I think I had chicken parmesan, but it was Steph's Sunday "Gravy" that was truly memorable.

Sadly, we threw out half of them, but we had to taste everything

After a none-to-brief battle with our own laziness, we got up Sunday morning and went for yet another, slightly longer riverside stroll; the effects of which were completely obliterated by our stop at the original Voodoo Doughnut on our way back to the hotel. Let me go on the record as saying I cannot possibly recommend the maple bacon bar enough.  I have a sweet & salty fetish to begin with, and this doughnut more than fit the bill.  Our delish coffee from Stumptown helped round out our breakfast and get us ready for our next field trip.

After deciding that we should do something else touristy, rather than continue our seemingly never-ending exploration of Portland’s eateries, we decided to head off to the International Test Rose Garden.  After a harrowing shuttle ride, we reached the garden to find, well, a lot of roses.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, but it was perhaps a bit flowery for me.  We’d also been hoping to catch a glimpse of Mt. Hood, but – as Steph declared – we decided it was a hoax put on by the Portland Dept of Tourism, as we could never spot it in the distance.  Either that, or we had no clue what we were looking for.





For our final dinner, we hopped on the light rail (gotta love the fareless square!) and headed down to the waterfront to the Newport Seafood Grill, on the recommendation of two women who were on our tour earlier in the weekend.  The view was spectacular, but I was a little wary of the food, since my salmon was extraordinarily overcooked the first time around.  I reluctantly sent it back, which turned out to be the right decision as the replacement was superb.

Dinner view
The view from our dinner table

I know it sounds like all we did in Portland was eat, which frankly we did.  We did also manage to hit two yarn shops along the way and cast on for our Tapestry Cowls with yarn I picked up for Steph for her birthday (back in February), but I’ve yet to get good photos of the yarn so that will have to wait for another day.  I promise it'll be before another month goes by.


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