Far From Relaxing

Once again, I've managed to overpack my weekend.  Last night started with a birthday dinner at T.H.A.I. for my friend Kimberley.  I stuck with my nice, bland Pad Thai while everyone else complained about their food not being spicy enough.  Not a worry for me!  A lot of the folks stayed out for drinks, but I had to head back home to meet up with H to go to the ClusterPucks game.

Blurry Clusterpucks

Word on the street is that they've had trouble with the Yellow team in the past but not last night.  Two-thirds of the folks on the team that I know were out of town, but they dug out an 8-3 win.  W'HOO! 

Despite some early laziness, I did manage to force myself to go to the gym this morning.  I rewound and did the week one Couch-to-5k workout this morning.  It was okay – no better and no worse than the first time I tried it, but I've been laying off the knee since the dance incident.  I know I'm out of shape and I need to train my lungs to deal with the injustice that I'm putting them through, but I would really like to not sound like a hyperventilating beluga whale everytime I plod along at a pace faster than a mosey.

Finally got a chance to use the snazzy running socks I keep getting

While at the gym, I signed up for a free personal training session tomorrow morning.  I'm worried it's going to be an hour-long sales pitch rather than a session which imparts some useful information.  Hell, I'll be happy if they just tell me the safest way to to use the equipment.

Unfortunately, this afternoon was all thunderstorms, all the time, so I chose not to take my good camera to DC United v. Beckham and company.


The rain didn't seem to keep a lot of people away from RFK tonight.  Unfortunately, it kept the three points we so desperately needed at bay.  The game ended in a scoreless draw, which was kind of miserable (I'd still like to see a replay of that 'offside' goal).  At this rate, the playoffs are looking iffy – we really need to turn our luck around or forget about it.  We just can't manage to pull the trigger when it counts.


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