Where I scoff at Denver’s puny 5,280 feet


Well, not really because even that mile kicked my butt.  However, the 9000+ feet I encountered in Winter Park had far more impact on my respiratory system.  Fortunately, that was the only drawback to my time in Colorado – I didn't experience any of the nausea or headaches that I was worried about (at least none that wasn't directly related to my exposure to copious amounts of Ska Brewery product).  At least I learned my lesson the first night and didn't fall down that slippery slope a second time while out west.   But ouch, that first step was a doozy.

For the most part, I had an okay time in Winter Park.  Parts were fantastic, others were so-so, and still others were downright forgettable.  As usual, it was great catching up with other hashers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, N. Carolina and my new friends from Colorado, but I was bummed that everything was so spread out and it was more difficult than it should've been to track folks down.

Zephyr   Trash

East    Mountains
1. Zephyr Mountain Lodge – home sweet home!  2. Takin' out the Trash.
3. East Coast rulz!   4. Hazy Rocky Mountains

I've already signed up for a similar venture to Savannah in a couple of years.  That will simply have the added benefit of trying to hide from my aunt the entire time.  Maybe she'll be  out of town?  Maybe I can arrange for her to be out of town?

On our drive from Winter Park to Denver, some friends and I decided to detour to Fort Collins for a tour of the New Belgium Brewery.  Unfortunately, the traffic was awful, so we missed our tour window, but forged onward anyway.   When we arrived 45 minutes late, Andrew had pity on us and took us on a mini-tour of their operation.  Fat Tire – the beer most people have heard of – was tasty, but I really
enjoyed the Sunshine Wheat, Mothership Wit and especially the Biere de Mars.  Now, if we can only get them to distribute to Virginia!


After the debauchery had drawn to a close, I spent a couple of days in Denver trying to detox before heading back home.  The good news is, our hotel was right on the 16th Street pedestrian mall.  The bad news is, it made it very easy to be a tourist and not leave the cookie-cutter, sanitized part of town we were in.   We made a couple of ill-fated trips on the light rail out to Five Points and South Pearl neighborhoods in search of lunch, but never came across anything we were dying to try, so we scurried back to the land of tourists.

Coors   Snp

Tuesday night we suited up and went to Coors Field (no, KP, we didn't literally suit up) to watch the Rockies take on the Reds.   I was largely ambivalent about the outcome – I didn't want to root against the home-state Reds, but they're in the same division as my Cubbies.  Despite some light showers in the middle of the game, the threatening clouds never dumped on us and the home team eventually won 3-1.  Although our Stitch-n-Pitch consisted of a party of two, we got a fair amount of attention from the people around us.  My favorite was the woman behind us explaining the difference between knitting and crocheting to the rest of her group.  She may have even been with the insane woman who spent the entire time screeching from the upper deck about how much she loved Carlos (Gonzalez – center fielder?).  To the point where people were turning around staring at her, to no avail.  He did try to through a ball to her up in the 300's but fell just short.  All I could think was, "Dear gawd, don't encourage this woman!"  Too late.

A handful of other pictures from this trip can be found in my Flickr set.  As usual, I only like about 5% of the pictures I took, but I certainly had fun tromping around taking them.  I just wish I'd been able to get some better ones in Winter Park.  Maybe the next time I'm in Colorado.


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