“Bah humbug”

So sayeth the text message that I got from my father at 2:22 Sunday morning.

[This is also why I have to stay up until all hours to watch any sporting event I don't want ruined because Daddy Dearest is incapable of maintaining radio silence for very long]


This was a spectacularly craptastic weekend for me from a sporting perspective.   Jimmie was the least disappointing finisher and he crossed the line in 11th in the Chevy Rock & Roll 400!  DC United was at home this weekend so I got to witness yet another bored-looking performance by the guys in their loss to Seattle.  The Buckeyes and Bears suffered eerily similar defensive collapses in the final 5 minutes of their respective games.

The best thing to come out of the weekend, frankly, was the YouTube clip over the camera man getting bonked by a Sousaphone.


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