What’s all this yarn for?

For some reason, this has been a year of major knitting funk.  Even my regular go-to projects – socks – held no appeal to me.  Oh, I bought plenty of sock yarn and cast on many a toe, but after a couple of inches of knitting, I'd lose all interest and it would go in the pile with all the other WIPs/UFOs. 

This project, at least, is nearing completion:


The bright yellow baby blanket keeps on chugging along, which is good because its intended recipient reached completion a week ago.  The divine miss Zoe Rose arrived on the fortuitous 09/09/09.  Mom, Dad and Zoe are all doing fine but are currently blanket-less.  I'm watching the boxing mutts this weekend so hopefully I can get it all wrapped up by race day.  The Chase starts this weekend, so hopefully New Hampshire will go better than the last few races have.  I don't think four-in-a-row is in the offing though.


I couldn't wad up that big tangle of yellow acrylic (yes, I said the A word) to take to Colorado with me, so I dug out one of the skeins of ShibuiKnits Sock yarn I picked up in Portland and cast on a toe-up Monkey.  It's my first time playing with the Eye of Partridge heel so I'm not sure if I've got it quite right, but we'll see.


One thought on “What’s all this yarn for?

  1. Steph says:

    Oooh, purty. I like the way the stripeyness is coming out with the pattern.
    Hmm, the Harlot just told us that you can’t do a flap-and-gusset with toe-up…now my little sock brain is confused.

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