Does Photowalking count as cardio?

And I was going to try to be so much better about blogging.  A week?  Really?!?

The last seven days have been taken up by the usual hodgepodge of things.  I dogsat over the weekend for my favorite dastardly boxer duo.  They didn't cause much trouble this time around, but watching them is hardly ever restful, especially since the allergies and their requisite medication tend to take a bit out of me.  There was a lot of napping on the couch while pretending to do all manner of things – blog, watch tv, knit.  Not that I'm complaining – there are worse ways to spend your weekend.

When I wasn't participating in any of the aforementioned grueling activities, I managed to finally drag myself out on a photowalk.  This month's trip was an exploration of Arlington National Cemetery.  I'd been there before, of course, but never with the express purpose of taking pictures.  I got separated from the group shortly after the Changing of the Guard but I had a good time nonetheless.





I really enjoyed the chance to meet new people and get out with my camera.  Unfortunately, the next one is the same weekend as Rhinebeck, so no go for me.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make the one in November.

I'm still plugging away – slowly, but surely – on Ishbel.  It is reminding me, however, why I don't work on a lot of lace.  I simply lack the attention span.  I've tinked this sucker more often than not and while I'm enjoying the yarn and the pattern, it's not so much of a joy that I need to work in three times.  Fortunately I'm down to the last 1.5 charts, so maybe the toil is coming to an end. 


Tinked so often, maybe I should call her Lebhsi


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