Rhinebeck Roundup

How in the world does it take me a week to write about that incredible weekend?  Oh, right, I’ve been dying of the consumption (to quote E).

This was my first Rhinebeck and I have to say, I had a wonderful time.  My only regret is that I wasn’t feeling well and potentially got my housemates sick – the last thing I want to do is get voted off this island.  As I was by far the least experienced of our little Rhinebeck sextet, I was willing to follow their lead in most all things: renting a house nearby for the long weekend  instead of staying at the Super 8;

(No, not the house, but the winding road nearby)

what to eat…

where to shop…

and what to do in our leisure time…

Thank you Ann, Bryna, Elspeth, Rosemary and Sara for letting me tag along on this incredible weekend.  If I promise not to bring along the plague, can I play again next year?

[More pictures on my Flickr feed]


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