Civic Duty

It’s the first Tuesday in November and we know what that means – Election Day!  All of the races in NOVA have been called and it looks like most of Old Dominion has swung back to the GOP.

Someone still had Halloween cobwebs on their tree in my happy little neighborhood.  I just couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the giant black spider in it.  ::shudder::

I finally finished ONE of my Mystery Socks (toe notwithstanding) and figured out where I stood with my sweater, but I have to save something for WIP Wednesday.

[I really need to stop blogging at 11:45 pm…]


As Tuesdays used to be NASCAR review day, I’ll keep it short and sweet and just say with three races to go, the 48 team has one race in hand over their nearest competitor.   While anything can still happen in Texas, Phoenix, and Miami-Homestead, I’m breathing a little easier than I was before Martinsville and ‘dega.


One thought on “Civic Duty

  1. Steph says:

    okay, you made me physically shudder with your crazy spider-talk. stop that. and just in case you weren’t sure, you are not allowed to post any sneak photos of bugs. worse than unexpected game scores. and that’s saying alot.

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