That's how many points stand between Jimmie & Team 48 and their
historic 4th consecutive NASCAR championship after winning at Phoenix.  I'd be excited except
they lost more than that many points just a week ago in Texas so
nothing is assured, especially since Mark Martin hasn't stumbled in his
pursuit of Chimmie.  The final race in the Chase and OSU-Michigan the
same weekend?  MLS Cup is this weekend, too – thank goodness DC United
isn't playing or I'd be a total basket case.  Well, moreso than usual.  

Along with the rest of the world, money has been kind of tight lately.  I'm still employed, for now, but that's largely because it would be more expensive to let me go and have to pay consultants' rates to cover my work.  Although I'm still sacking money away in my vacation fund, I don't think the loosely-planned 2010 international vacation is going to take place next year.  I spent more money on little trips here and there this year (e.g. Pacific NW & Colorado) this year than I anticipated so the fund is running a little low.  Maybe I'll have enough tucked away by the end of the summer to go on a quick trip somewhere over a long weekend.  Toronto?  Vancouver?  [Yes, Melyssa, I know I owe Austin a look-see, but Texas isn't a foreign country…yet]


2 thoughts on “108

  1. Kat says:

    NASCAR? What is this NASCAR of which you speak?

  2. Steph says:

    CGT, Mama Liu, and I are possibly all going to Vancouver in March…you could join us…

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