So much for that bright idea

I started off with the best of intentions – I was going to go take photos for a while, then watch OSU-Michigan, then lay low tonight and get a good night’s sleep.  Well, I did manage to accomplish 2/3 of that plan – that part that didn’t require me to leave the house.  After three-and-a-half weeks, we FINALLY got our new washing machine delivered so I had to stick around and physically warn the roommates that I had first dibs.  Oh, the joy of clean clothes.  I kept myself to two loads today so the roommates could get some done, too, but I may have to delve back in tomorrow.

Yes, I have devolved into blogging about laundry.  I’m fairly certain Mighty Girl Maggie would most certainly disapprove.

Tomorrow: vacuuming!  Okay, well, probably, but I’ll try not to blog about it.




One thought on “So much for that bright idea

  1. Steph says:

    hey, clean laundry is a beautiful thing. totally valid blog topic.

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