It’s 11:40…

It's clearly time to start a blog post.

My clothes-suitcase is pretty much packed and isn't a problem.  As usual, it's the "carry-on" bag that is wreaking havoc with my ability to go to bed at a decent hour.  Growing up, we always travelled by car and as an only child, I had sole possession of the back seat (until, that is, we got my dog Ty-grrr – my father's spelling; leave me out of it).  Since both sets of grandparents lived within a two-hour drive from home, I was pretty much left to my own devices to provide my own entertainment during these road trips.  I distinctly remember my Merlin and Mattel Electronic Football making their way into many a backpack over the years.  

However, I would often get bored after 15-20 minutes and have to switch off to something else for amusement.  Word search, whatever Scholastic book I'd conned my parents into buying that month at school and the ever-popular license plate game all made their way into rotation during those hours spent on I-70 or I-71.

The problem is that now I find it virtually impossible to travel without taking everything I own in my carryon.  In my mind I still think of it as the "backseat bag" in which I have to have everything I will need for hours of entertainment, even if it is merely a 60-minute flight.  Knitting, books, iPod, more knitting…do I know where my PSP charger is?  What did I do with my Samurai Sudoku book?

Can't talk, gotta pack!


One thought on “It’s 11:40…

  1. Melissa says:

    ah the Merlin…I LOVED that!
    Have a nice trip.

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