Home ___________ Home

You know it's time to talk Papa Knascar into moving to a different neighborhood when he feels compelled to show you how to shoot the gun before he steps out for a while.  I know what OUR fun drive-time conversation is going to be tomorrow.

We were supposed to head to my grandmother's house this afternoon, but I screwed up and got tangled up in local yarn stores and didn't get back to the house until it was too late to get on the road.  Well, we still could've done it, but the traffic was really bad.  Instead, we're going to get up tomorrow morning and head out before it's too late.  Theoretically.

I was sorely disappointed that my favorite LYS was closed this afternoon for the holidays, so I went to my other fave (which frankly I should've tried first) and spent a while annoying poor Stephanie.  I needed to pick up yarn for Papa Knascar's new winter hat and she was a great deal of help.


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