Wha ha happened was…

Yes, I failed to post yesterday but it was a failure of technology rather than intent.  I thought I’d be able to use my grandmother’s computer to whip off a quick post from lovely, scenic Montgomery County, Ohio last night, but her computer wasn’t working so there was nothing I can do.  I’m not saying I had anything to say other than “::groan:: Turkey ::moan:: stuffing ::mmmm::sooooo gooooood,” which isn’t exactly scintillating blog reading.

Having done my time over the river and through the woods, I find myself back home in Virginia.  I’m kinda glad I came back a day early – it’ll be nice to have the day to do laundry and pay bills and get settled back in before heading to work on Monday.  I foresee a day of knitting, football and laundry.  This is the first Sunday of the brief NASCAR off-season, which takes some getting used to.  They have a handful of off weekends throughout the year, but not many.

While I did fail in blogging yesterday, I did manage to snap photos every day.  Not good ones necessarily, but I did click the shutter.

Gotta love those horrendously overposed photography studio shots


One thought on “Wha ha happened was…

  1. Steph says:

    oh yay!!! you know i LOVE that photo. and the wooden block that it’s varnished to. it’s *that* photo, right?

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