Well, it hasn’t been THREE months this time

I’m still alive, although I’m so sick right now, I’m not sure that’s necessarily an advantage.  I’m also two hours away from leaving on a camping trip.  Yes, I know I just said I was sick; no, I don’t pretend to be logical or reasonable.

At the end of last month, I finally got back to a NASCAR race.   It was my first trip to Martinsville and, weather notwithstanding,  I had a pretty good time.  About a dozen of of us rented a couple of RVs and made the drive from Metro DC to the rolling hills of southern VA.  The race rained out on Sunday, but ran under sunny skies Monday afternoon.

Chimmie finished 9th as I recall, which was a bit disappointing but as long as they keep plugging away at those top-10 finishes, I’m happy.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is the first camping trip of the season.  This will be my first camping trip in the Fayetteville area, so I hope it’s a good one.  The car’s all loaded and ready to go, I just have to get out of work one of these days.  The ritual Airing of the Tents was a rousing success.


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