Spectator Sporty Spice

Well, no big fat fabulous job has fallen in my lap in the last 48 hours, so that’s no fun.

In other episodes of not-fundom:

Well, the Screaming Eagles looked good even if the team…well, not so much.  They over-hyped the heck out of this game, which never bodes well.  The scoreboard…well, let’s just say I didn’t take a picture of that.  I also came to an unhappy decision about my future with DC United games.  With the whole crap financial situation, there’s no way I can keep going to all the home games.  I think I’m going to try to make it to the home games that aren’t televised and pass on the rest.  At almost $40 a pop, I just can’t justify it.

In happier sporting news, I went to go watch friends play league hockey last night.  The good guys won on both counts, but it was a good night to sit in the cold and watch friends chase a puck.

Most people acknowledged yesterday as Earth Day – go planet go –  but for me, it stood out as what would’ve been Papa Knascar’s 73rd birthday.  I tried thinking happy thoughts as often as I could, but there were the odd (and not entirely unexpected) sad moments.  I guess that’s to be expected.  Anyway, happy birthday, Pop.


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