Playing Catch Up

This weekend was all about catching up with old friends.  Holly and I hopped in her car and headed north on a quickie roadtrip to catch up with some Hash friends in eastern PA.  After I dragged her through the woods on a four-mile mosey, we ate, drank and caught up with some folks that I haven’t seen for years.  It’s always great to reconnect with these idiots that I only see once or twice a year.

Before the descent into low-grade debauchery, we did manage to get a little yarn ogling in.  The Yarn Garden in Carlisle was lovely and cozy and all those things I like in a yarn store.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have a MadTosh colorway that I couldn’t live without but I did snag some DIC Smooshy for a shawlette to be whipped up one of these days.

All along West Pomfret, outside the Yarn Garden, the parking meters were decorated with meter sweaters.  I particularly liked the pompoms on this one, but they extended down most of the block.  Holly studiously avoided touching the one that had a vaguely mohair-ish appearance.  I can’t imagine why.

Once again, despite my best laid plans, I didn’t get a lot of knitting done on the road.  The toe on my second Paper Moon / Moon River sock is coming along.  Yes, I cast those socks on en route to Georgia back in October, but we know what a notoriously slow (not to mention easily distracted) knitter I am.  General knitting update forthcoming – I actually have a FO for 2012 already!!!



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