Everything Old is New Again

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time for the ritual airing of the tents.

Holly came over on Easter Sunday so we could set up our tents in preparation for the first campout of the season (T minus 10ish days and counting).  It’s been ridiculously windy and the tents have blown all over the yard, despite being staked down – thank goodness the fence is nice and high, otherwise you might spot tumbletents gamboling through the streets of North Arlington.

There hasn’t been much knitting lately.  As usual, I have a half dozen projects in some state of execution. A cardigan, a sock, and a shawl have all been in rotation lately but none of them are really getting me excited.

I did finish Molly though.

Whipped it up using Shepherd’s Wool in a red that didn’t photograph terribly well, but I LOVE this hat.  I wore it all winter (if we want to call that nonsense we experienced this year ‘winter’).  The ends aren’t woven in, of course, but how else would I be able to tell it was mine?


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