Today’s Experiment: “Best Potato Salad Recipe”

Looking around the kitchen, I noticed a half dozen red potatoes that were on the verge of going bad so I fired up the Google machine and decided to hunt up a new potato salad recipe.


The first time I ever made potato salad I used the wrong kind of potatoes – don’t remember which type now – but I made a lovely mashed potato salad.  The flavor was okay but the consistency was…incorrect.  I didn’t have that problem with these red potatoes, thank goodness.

I heavily modified the recipe based on what I had around and what I had a taste for.  Held off on the green pepper and the celery, substituted diced red onion for the small chopped one.


In the end, I’m not sure I’d go all the way to the “Best Potato Salad Recipe” – I’d probably leave out some of the salt and chop the bacon up a little more finely, maybe scrounge up some celery – but it is awfully tasty.



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