Merry Christmas!*

* at least it’s still Christmas in the vast majority of U.S. time zones

When I haven’t been ripping my hair out by the roots this holiday season, I’ve been baking


And baking


And baking some more


Christmas was always Mom’s time of the year.  She loved everything about it, or at least she seemed to.  She would start shopping for presents during the after-Christmas sales the year before, then spend the entire year trying to figure out where she hid everything.  She would pre-measure ingredients for her massive cookie baking enterprise and still end up scurrying looking for lemons or vanilla or something.  She was utterly incapable of being in a mall or store with Christmas Muzak playing and not singing along.  I’m more than a little irked that I missed “The Sound of Music” – another of her favorites to singalong with – due to one of an endless stream of familial confrontations.

Allegedly I leave for Ohio in the morning, so at least I won’t ingest all the pesky cookies I baked.  Of course, my grandmother will have prepared her own evil nest of goodies so I won’t be entirely safe.  The reason I say “allegedly” is because my aunt, for whatever her reasons, chose to buy me a ticket to go visit my grandmother for ten days.  She didn’t mention it to me until yesterday and my grandmother STILL doesn’t know.  As I’m supposed to be wheels-up at 11:00 tomorrow morning, this could be really interesting. Maybe I”ll just hop off the  plane during my layover in Charlotte and hang with friends til this whole mess gets figured out…


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