Delayed Inspiration

dish duty

Rejected “Movement” photo

After countless emails and text messages, I finally met with my aunt’s friend for coffee this afternoon to discuss what’s next for me.  I’m not sure I knew what to expect from our conversation; there’s a part of me that just expects to be told what’s going on since I haven’t exactly been in control of my own destiny of late.  I think she’s going to refer me to someone who is part therapist (yay) and part life coach (YAY!).  I think she’s going to make an email introduction next week, then – theoretically – it will be up to me to take the next step.

When I first arrived at the coffee shop, there was a knitting group sitting in the front window.  If I hadn’t been so worried about sitting down with Dr. D, I probably would’ve pulled up a chair and joined them – I did have my sock in my bag after all – but since I had to go be adult and responsible and all that twaddle, I went and sat at the bar and drank my pricey cup of Joe (and took photos of unsuspecting baristas).

I’m attempting Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day project again this year.  Historically I’m usually good for a couple of months before I completely fall off the wagon, but I really want to try to make it this year.  Today’s prompt was Movement.  As the title implies, I didn’t decide what my photo was going to be until about 11:30 this evening.  Fortunately, my grandmother had the prop I needed.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the patience to get the shot I wanted.

tilesI ultimately ended up using the bottom left photo.  I do have a separate photography blog, such as it is.  I wish there was a photography meetup group that interested me in Dayton, but I didn’t come across one during my initial search.  Maybe I’ll look into starting my own, once the weather warms up.


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