When Baking Goes Very, Very Right


When flipping through one of my grandmother’s magazines, I came across a recipe for coffee cake that looked intriguing.  We were almost out of banana bread and needed another breakfast pastry so I asked how she felt about coffee cake.  I got the go-ahead, but then I foolishly asked if she wanted the magazine recipe or this one – she clearly chose door #2.

This is the Pioneer Woman’s Best Coffee Cake Ever.  As usual, I wasn’t sure how my baking would turn out, but since g’ma went back for seconds, I’d count it a success.  She was worried that I pulled it from the oven too soon because it was “too moist” – um, no, that’s just the three sticks of butter.  If I were to change anything about this recipe, the only thing I would consider would be perhaps a smidge less of the buttery-cinnamony-pecany topping.  It’s good, but there’s a LOT of it.


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