Blessed Peace

After three days of Spawn-sitting, the house has been blessedly quiet all weekend.  Of course, this meant I had to drag my grandmother out in the streets!  The wind chill climbed out of the negatives, so we went to the local library for their program on famous folks who are buried at Woodland Cemetery.  The program was informative, if a little dry.

wrightArguably, Orville & Wilbur Wright are the most famous residents of Woodland.  Other inhabitants include columnist Erma Bombeck, prominent Ohio politicians, the “father of American beekeeping,” and inventors of the cash register and self-starting car ignition.  Apparently, there are also several members of my family on my mother’s side that are buried on the property as well.  Who knew?

In case you thought I was lying, I DO have a finished object:

molly jrMolly, Jr.

Knit up in just under a week – which for me is BLAZINGLY fast – Erin Ruth’s Molly hat was fun and easy.  The worst part of it is that I sort of awkwardly magic-looped the whole thing on a needle that was a little too short.  I picked up the Cascade 220 when I was in Columbus early last month to make a different hat, but I ended up not loving it.  Enter, Molly Jr!  I think I probably made it a little deeper than I needed to, but for now, it’s definitely keeping my head warm.

Last but not least, my week 4 Fat Mum Slim mosaic:


 24. Stripes, 25. Landscape, 26. Together, 27. Peeking Through, 28. Through, 29. Grow, 30. Down, Bonus 1. Xing, Bonus 2. Shelter

January is in the books, and February is going strong.  The prompt for tomorrow has me stumped but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

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