Let Them Eat Cake

When my grandmother came home after running errands this morning, she brought home sour cream.  This wouldn’t have been a problem except I picked some up at the store yesterday.  What’s a gal to do with two pounds of sour cream lying around?

Enter Sour Cream & Lemon Pound Cake:

Oh.  Emm.  Gee. (trademark PIO)

Lemony and moist and delicious and yummiful.  Especially with a little blueberry mash and Cool Whip.


I swear this is not going to become a food blog, last two entries not withstanding, but I had to share this creation.  I got this recipe from use real butter, who apparently got it from epicurious.  I don’t care which page you pull the recipe from, but I’d strongly recommend you try this if you are a fan of pound cakes.


One thought on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Jenn says:

    This? Sounds fantastic.

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