Look, Kids – Knitting!

I barely picked up the needles during my stint in Fayetteville, and I’ve been trying to figure out just why that was the case.  There was one incident where dear Buster did a little drooling on my sock yarn, but I don’t think I avoided knitting because of him.  I don’t know if I was embarrassed or uncomfortable or if I was too busy, but I feel like I’ve rarely set them down once I’ve set foot in Dayton.


I LOVE these fingerless mitts!  It’s been so long since I’ve completed a project that I don’t even remember how to write it up.

Pattern:  Rannoch by Swords & Needles
Yarn: can’t find the ball band, but I think it’s Paton’s Classic Wool in a forest green-ish color (1 skein)
Needles: Size 6 dpns (we know my feelings on dpns, but they were necessary)
Verdict: love love love love love.  They’re exactly what I wanted.  Quick, easy knit; great to wear while snapping photos on a February afternoon in Ohio


These are somewhere between a WIP and a UFO.  Cookie A’s Summer Sox were originally my Ravellenic project for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.  I didn’t even come CLOSE to finishing them before the flame was extinguished (again, I was in the ‘nam at the time).  Now that I have knit the second sock and done the two decreases…I’m not sure that I love them.   I haven’t closed up the toe of the second sock yet because there’s still a chance I’ll frog the pair and cast on something new.

Speaking of something new (I know, right??!?!?!!):


It doesn’t look like much but this is the cuff of my Jeck socks.  The cuff that I frogged late last night.  I’d gotten maybe 6″ into it and decided that it was just WAY too snug as I tried to tug it over my heel.  Since I was switching to the larger size anyway, I went ahead and used Judy’s Magic Cast-On and am attempting to switch this around to a toe-up sock.  Stay tuned for the comic relief!


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