When I was greeted with a blanket of white this morning, I knew it was going to be a baking day.  It was time to go back to the bread drawing board.   The previous loaves I’d baked, courtesy of King Arthur Flour recipes, were okay but nothing I really wanted to try again, so I Googled “best bread recipe ever” (why not cut to the chase?) and the final entry on the first page of results led me to today’s winner of Breadsday Bingo.

Emma’s Every Day Bread recipe yields six loaves of bread, which for me was a bit of overkill, so I took the recipe down to a third of its original size.  There was a lot different about this recipe – half whole wheat, half all-purpose flour; an egg; a process called “sponging” –


A little more labor intensive, but Grandma gave this one her stamp of approval – after yelling at me for not letting her hack into a warm loaf before it finished cooling.  She definitely preferred it over the oatmeal loaf, which I apparently didn’t blog, so I’ll probably put Emma’s into the regular rotation.


I’m not sure how well the second loaf will keep, but if it starts to turn stale, I already have the perfect overnight French Toast casserole recipe all picked out.


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