It’s Dead, Jim

So, I decided to finally try my hand at brioche yesterday.  Turns out I had a good reason to be nervous.

After much Googling, I finally settled on this Epicurious recipe for Basic Brioche.  First of all, due to my never-present-when-I-need-them reading comprehension skills, I thought I could start the dough at 10:00 last night.  Um.  No.

briochefailI made it through step 1 alright, but then things fell apart.  Yes, I failed after following 10% of the recipe.

brioche2Actually, it may have even failed before that point.  Who knows.  I let it rise until about 2:30 a.m. then chucked it into the fridge to chill.  This morning, it looked…not good.

epic fail

There were 12 reviews of the recipe and no one else seemed to have a problem so clearly it was on my end.  I’ll go ahead and set it for its second rise and see if the yeast is completely kaput.  Otherwise, I think I’ll try the recipe for Simplest Brioche instead (which frankly is probably where I should have started)

*Note the eggs and butter already on the counter for the next attempt.

Wait, mini-rant: what is it about no recipes being written for us poor saps that don’t have $350 stand mixers?!?!?  GAWD, I want one!!!  I know they made brioche before everyone and their sister owned a Kitchen Aid.  Apparently, these recipes aren’t posted on the interwebs.   I guess this means I’ll have to look for a *gasp* paper cookbook.

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