Four-Day Dough

I procrastinated as long as I possibly could, but this evening I finally baked the brioche.  The recipe said that I could refrigerate the dough for “up to 2 days to allow the dough to ripen (develop flavor) and firm.”  I don’t know how much damage the extra day made, but I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Now, I have ZERO familiarity with brioche.  I frequently get a bee in my bonnet to make something that I’ve never baked – hell, that I’ve never even tasted – before.  I’ve gotten used to it and just accept it as one of my little quirks.  I think the main reason I wanted to make the brioche was so that I would have it to make French Toast casserole.  Of course, the trick to that is going to be keeping my grandmother from eating it all before I get a chance to soak it in eggy, vanilla-y goodness and bake it up.

brioche finalI had a REALLY difficult time with this recipe.  Reading the reviews, no one else really seemed to have a problem, but I had to read and re-read and print out and draw arrows and scratch things out.  Oy!  It took closer to 4 hours than 2 for it to rise this evening (probably the extra day in the fridge), but eventually it got going and into the oven.  I’m not even really sure what the flavor SHOULD be like, but I’m just holding out for French Toast at this point anyway.

Next time, I’ll make challah.

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