I Tried

I really did try.  I had every intention of waiting until Saturday for the next gardening update, but there’s stuff!  Stuff that wasn’t there before!!!




(L-R):  Basil, onion and beets

Baby tomatoes!

At least four more tomato sprouts have broken the surface since this photo was taken this morning.  The beet and lettuce sprouts are out of control and angling to find the sun; the tomato and onion plants aren’t far behind.  Both the red and green pepper pods remain stubbornly subterranean, but the packet says not to expect seedlings for 10-21 days.  The rosemary plants also remain obstinately underground, but I won’t panic for a while yet.

Yeah, so, I ended up getting that larger plot in the community garden next door.  The plots are 18′ x 36′, which is way too daunting for me.  Fortunately, my cousin said she would take on half of the plot, so I’m only responsible for planting an 18′ x 18′ square.


I wonder how many more times this master plan will change before seeds go in the ground.  According to the law of the land, I can’t plant any seeds or seedlings into the ground until May 1.  The good news is that the park is responsible for plowing/tilling the plots and they fertilized over the winter, so I won’t have to worry about any soil preparation I don’t think.  There’s some sort of kickoff meeting in a couple of weeks before the planting begins so hopefully those sorts of things will be explained.

I have also learned that my grandmother was not the gardening mastermind of this household; she’s as fascinated by all the baby steps as I am (and is also the one who added the squash and green beans to the mix).  Thank goodness for the library and Google!  I have the distinct impression that I should count ANY edible produce that I manage to accidentally produce as a win and not expect miracles.  If my past history is anything to go by, I’m going to obsessively worry this garden to death and emerge this fall with three green beans and an out of control rosemary bush.  Time will tell.

If anyone out there has a green thumb, HELP!


3 thoughts on “I Tried

  1. Stephenie says:

    Congratulations! My yard is a weedy mess right now. No veggies for me this year. 😦 I will have to come raid yours. 🙂

  2. Well I bought two seed packets yesterday. One is a bush variety of green beans, the other is a variety of carrot called “sweet mini little finger”; according to the packet the mature carrot is 3″ long by 1″ wide.

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