Triple Threat?

For the last several weeks, I’ve been testing a product:

Garnier Fructis’ Triple Nutrition is a spray oil which is being marketed as one-stop hydration stop for your hair, skin and face.  As a BzzAgent, they provided me with a sample of the product to try and review for the masses.  Hello, masses!

I love the idea of this product.  Frankly, as a female – and not a particularly girly-girl one at that – I have a lot of flotsam and jetsam strewn across my dresser surface and bathroom counter.  Anything that I can find that will help minimize extra bottles and steps is A-OK by me.  It would be wonderful if this product were able to fit the bill.  I’d say it’s about 66.6% of the way there.

Hair – Not surprisingly, since hair is their purview, I liked this product the best when I used it on my hair.  It did a fantastic job of keeping my hair soft and hydrated without weighing it down.

Skin – I tend to have very dry skin (especially since my grandmother keeps the thermostat set to 77).  Most of the time, I felt like the oil  only skimmed the surface.  I never felt oily, but I never felt like it really soaked in and moisturized.  My skin felt soft enough, so that’s always good.  All in all, I’ll continue to use it on my skin as well.

Face – I honestly never used this product on my face.  It was not just that I had a mental block about adding oil directly to my combination skin.  My primary problem, and the reason I never used it, was that there was no SPF component.

So there you have it.  I’ll definitely continue to use this product for 2/3 of its intended purpose.  Don’t be sad, Garnier Fructis – two out of three ain’t bad.



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