Thank You, Napali

In part of my ongoing quest to avoid discussing and providing evidence of the horrible turn my garden has taken, I’ll show you what I got in the mail today.


In September of ’09, my friend Stephenie & I went on our first trip to Portland, OR.  It remains my only trip, but she went back to PDX recently and sent me a care package, care of her pup, Napali.   Steph & I discovered Knit Purl when we were there four years ago, and she snapped up some sock yarn for me on her recent trip.


yarn_bShibui Knits sock yarn in Tweed & Velvet

The tasting glass from Deschutes may get put to use during the Caps game tomorrow night and I’ll have to come up with some snazzy use for the button she picked up as well.

So thank you Napali (and Steph) for my snazzy yarn.  I’m doubly grateful for it being pre-wound, since my ball winder is tucked away in Arlington.  With any luck, I’ll come up with a pattern to use before I head to the airport on Wednesday.


One thought on “Thank You, Napali

  1. Stephenie says:

    Awww, Napali and I are both happy you liked your PDX souvenirs. Nice yarn photos–much more accurate than my phone photos from the store.

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