No Furniture So Charming

book mob

“No furniture so charming as books” – Sydney Smith

Today marked the first day of the Dayton Metro Library‘s annual book sale.  It goes through the weekend at Hara Arena, culminating with a $1 “all you can carry” final day on Sunday.   I was introduced to the joys of library book sales by my friend Elizabeth when I lived in Arlington, VA.  As a voracious reader, there’s nothing like snapping up a stack of books for next to nothing.  Unfortunately, re-sellers tend to swarm these sales with their handheld scanners, hoarding boxes of books before “normal” people can even get a chance to skim a title.  That book on best job options for introverts would have come in mighty handy, but what are you going to do?

My take this afternoon was a little on the conservative side.  I was only really looking for any David Eddings books that may have turned up, as well as any titles on photography, writing, gardening or job-hunting.  Since I’m still unemployed, I gave myself a $10 budget and – after a couple of minor purges – managed to escape for $8.50.

booksaleThe last couple of years, I’ve been picking up books on writing in hopes of becoming a better writer, though blogging is the only writing I do (and even that is infrequent and half-hearted at best).  The job-hunting books are rather self-explanatory.  I also snagged a couple of cookbooks – The Weekend Baker by Abagail Dodge and a Cooking Light cookbook.

Tomorrow morning is the pre-planting meeting for my community garden.

0425After a great start, all of my seedlings have died off except for the peppers and I fear it’s only a matter of time before they go meet their maker.  Sadly, I didn’t come across any books on vegetable gardening at the book sale this afternoon.  Ah well.  I think I may have been underwatering out of fear of drowning them and instead, left them crying out for moisture.   I’ll try planting more tomato and basil seeds tomorrow and if those don’t take, then seedlings it is!


2 thoughts on “No Furniture So Charming

  1. Randy Pena says:

    Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. Stephenie says:

    Nice book gets but sad plant deaths. Also, I would tell you that your writing is awesome, but you won’t believe me. But it is. Nyah.

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