Wrapping It Up

Another month has come and gone, so it’s time for a Fat Mum Slim update!

Somehow I managed to not do ANY weekly updates this month – sorry y’all!  You can see all of the photos in detail on my photoblog or my Flickr feed, but here’s my month in review:


I missed a couple of shots while I was in North Carolina and Virginia a couple of weeks ago, my first misses this year.  If I’ve only missed two out of 120 opportunities, I feel okay about that.  Knowing me, I’ll make up the photos before the year is over, just so I can have the complete set at year’s end.

Unfortunately, out of the 28 photos I DID manage to take this month, I’m only happy with maybe three or four of them.  Photography is a patient man’s game, and I am exceedingly lacking in that department.  In some instances, the prompts didn’t speak to me on a given day and in other cases, I just punked out & phoned it in.  My personal goal for this project is to try and be more mindful and deliberate with my photography.  With this in mind, my goal for May is to double the number of photos with which I am pleased.

(Yes, I did just do the English major double-take and reword that to move the preposition away from the end of the sentence.  No, I’m not going to fix the other sentences with the same oops.  No, you shouldn’t judge the rest of my writing based upon that proclamation.)

I also need to look ahead in the prompts a little.  Sometimes, I’ll snap a shot of something at the beginning of the month and two weeks later, realize it would’ve been PERFECT for an entirely different prompt.  Aiming for ten photos I don’t hate this month – wish me luck!


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