Keeping the Weeds at Bay

plot final

This was the plan before I actually started put seeds and seedlings to dirt and actually started my garden, about three weeks ago.  Things ended up getting moved around and added, but for the most part, I stuck with the master plan.  The problem is, once I planted everything, I made the critical error of not labeling exactly where my rows were.  I figured it would be a piece of cake to tell what was where once the seeds sprouted.

Unfortunately, the weeds beat me to the punch.  What’s worse – I’m so new to this gardening business, I can’t even readily identify the difference between, say, cucumber sprouts and weeds.  HRG is so disgusted that she bought a tiller and wants to just plow everything under and start from scratch.  At this point, I may just do it.  The tomatoes, peppers, peas, leaf lettuce and green squash may survive the cut, but everything else is going down.

planted tomatoesTomato plants in the dust bowl

miniplantsTomatoes & peppers in the ground

I haven’t taken any photos of its current state of overgrownedness.  At this point, I’m just trying to weed close to the plants and seedlings that are starting to sprout.   When the tiller arrives, I’ll use that to chew up the rest of the weeds that have taken over and replant – hopefully it won’t be too late to get things started.



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