Take Two


That tall thing just above the tiller?  Giant, man-eating weed.

It may not look like much – especially since I didn’t take a “before” photo – but this is SOOO much better.  Most of the weeds have been chewed up, but some of the more fierce ones are still rooted.  I’ll get in there and pull them by hand after the next rain.  Right now my goal is just to get to the point where I can replant everything.   Tomatoes, peppers, peas, green beans, green squash and leaf lettuce are all planted.  I may plant more peas, green beans and lettuce, in addition to beets, Swiss chard and cucumbers.

HRG tillHRG plays with her new toy

Although the cultivator only lasts about 45 minutes on a charge, I still prefer it to dealing with mixing gas and oil for a traditional tiller/cultivator. I also believe that it’s better for the environment and we won’t have to spend $4.00/gal on gasoline to fuel the sucker.   I got about half the garden tilled today and hopefully will be able to finish it up tomorrow.  I think I’ll let HRG relax at home; I think today took a lot out of her – though I may let her sit and dictate my next move.



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