Stormy Weather

One of the things I categorically did NOT miss about the Midwest was the weather – specifically tornadoes.   My lifelong phobia has been tempered somewhat by distance from the heartland, but since I’ve been back, my semi-irrational fear is kicking back into gear.  My fears were not even slightly assuaged by my parents, who – in the event of a tornado warning – wouldn’t proceed to the basement in a hurried fashion but would often go outside, look around see what was going on, then usually hang out in the living room.  In these instances, I could be found with one of my three stuffed dogs (all named “Sam”) and my book du jour, curled up on the orange sofa in the basement and waiting for the “all clear.”

radarHRG and I are situated well south of the heart of the storm, thank goodness.  I expect the thunder will wake me up at 2:30 or so, if the radar is to be believed.

Then again, the way Game 1 is going in the Stanley Cup Finals, I may still be awake!

Go Blackhawks!


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